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The New Jersey Bottle Forum is a place you can post photos, ask questions and chat with fellow bottle collectors specifically about antique bottles from New Jersey.

The Historic Glasshouse forum can help with 20th century New Jersey bottles such as Clevenger, Wheaton and the like as well as general glass and related artifacts.

New Jersey Stoneware


Photo album: NJ Stoneware.

Photo album: Warne & Letts Shards and Kiln Furniture


New Jersey Script Jugs


Photo album: New Jersey script jugs.


Jersey's Best Photos

Seaworth's Bitters


Here is a rare lighthouse shaped bitters bottle from New Jersey. This particular example in mint condition was sold by American Glass Gallery in their May 2010 sale.

Seaworths Bitters

Seaworths Bitters figural lighthouse

Close up view of Seaworth's Bitters




Comings - Newton, NJ rare sided cobalt blue soda bottle


Here are four photos of a the rare Coming's, Newton, NJ cobalt IP sided soda.  This example appears to be a dug bottle but it has no chips or cracks and retains a very light overall haze.

JW Comings Superior Newton NJ

iron pontil base

JW Comings embossing close up

JW Comings Newton NJ soda bottle